When you are the first on the Bitcoin dice game scene, you gain a lot of respect, and in Satoshi Dice’s case, it is very well deserved. The legend has it that the site is run off an old Nokia phone that was found in Tokyo, abandoned in a subway station. It is said to run off the spirit of Bitcoin’s original creator Satoshi Nakamoto and is the source of the site’s power.


Although it began as just a site for a Bitcoin Dice game, it has since evolved to become a fully fledged casino offering a variety of games such as the classic Satoshi Slot (a Bitcoin-themed slot game!) and even a game based on the hit TV show Wheel of Fortune, called Satoshi Circle. There are other fun slot games too and even a few poker games too, so there really is something that will interest everyone.

Betting on the Blockchain

One great feature of Satoshi Dice is the ability to bet directly on the Blockchain with nothing more than your Bitcoin wallet (some people recommend using a separate one for this, just to protect your account). This is a very easy way to gamble if you are not interested in the adrenaline rush of the games but still want to bet your Bitcoins for the chance to win even more.


Satoshi Dice is a Provably Fair online casino, which is a huge reason to use the site. Knowing that all outcomes are completely random and based on luck is something that not all casino sites offer and so is certainly a pro for choosing Satoshi Dice. If you are a stats nerd, you might be interested in trawling through the live, updated lists of all recent bets and look into the rare wins, or see other players losing or winning streaks. This feature gives a form of transparency to players, and if they do decide to use it, they can use this information in order to make informed decisions on the way they play.  

Help & Support

A leaderboard creates some friendly competition amongst the regular players and those at the top are given extra bonus Bitcoins for reaching the top spot! Overall, the site has given out a whopping 4,000,000 BTC in winnings which are increasing daily!


Support is available through a live chat system which allows trained operators to answer any question that players may have, almost instantaneously. There is also plenty of information on the FAQ page of the site to help guide new users through the various processes, as it can be a big change from more traditional online casinos.


There is a reason that Satoshi Dice has stood the test of time (besides the Ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto) and their Provably Fair game play is certainly one aspect!


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