The Satoshicircle is a unique Bitcoin game. It has a virtual appealing and user-friendly game play that is very simple to pick up. Unlike many other Bitcoin casinos, the Satoshi Circle has an excellent and meaningful progression award system. The Satoshi Circle also offers other amazing features such as a very low house edge, safe Bitcoin deposits, excellent performance and graphics as well as a Provably Fair option that allows players to test the fairness and accuracy of the wheel spin results. The site works well on browsers without any performance hick ups or long loading times.

What do you need in order to play the Satoshi Circle?

To play the Satoshi Circle, you need to first bookmark your current page url. This allows you not only to play and close the game anytime you want, but also to play across multiple devices. After bookmarking the page, you need to fund your account using your personal bitcoin address they awarded you. Next is to choose your wager amount. Note that the maximum bet per spin is 1BTC, and there is no minimum bet required.

So, how is the game played?

Well, the Satoshi Circle is very easy to play. Once you have deposited some Bitcoins, all you need to do is to spin the wheel, land on a multiplier and get your reward points. You can use these reward points for prizes that are redeemable things in the future. Currently, there are 18 awards available, which can only be unlocked by reaching a certain number of wheel spins. Players start with the regular 3x wheel and with playing can unlock more rewarding wheels. The maximum multiplier you can get per spin is 15x.

What are the bet limits, deposits and withdrawals?

Currently, the maximum bet is set to 5BTC, and the minimum bet is 1BTC per game. Bitcoin deposited are credited almost immediately, while withdrawals of the winnings can only be done after two confirmations to the processThe Satoshi Circle is generally the greatest casino wheel game. The game has optimized and defined features, many rewards, secure instant deposits and an exceptional customer support.

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